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The Tomb of Xenophon is a 1st Level, 7-room, one page micro-dungeon designed for a single session of play, but with several plot hooks and twists that are the perfect set up for a short series  or a long term campaign.

A plague is sweeping across  the city of Stonehold. Some believe it is the result of a curse.

Long ago the sorcerer King, Xenophon, a tyrannical conqueror raised an army of religious zealots to expand his empire. As his empire grew, so did his arrogance; believing that he was himself a god and immortal he led what was to become his final battle. Just when it looked like Xenophon and his hordes would be victorious, he was struck down and killed by a young unknown girl. The young warrior disappeared in the chaos that ensued Xenophon's body was carried off by his followers and buried in a tomb built from the bones of the fallen. 

Afterward a rune stone monument  was raised to commemorate his defeat. However superstition grew that the stone was cursed and today it is believed that the stone the source of the plague. 

Brother Elias of the Order of Pétra is secretly petitioning those who are willing and able to take the stone and return it to it's rightful owner, Xenophon. He believes the stone is somehow connected to Xenophon and because it was not properly buried with him it has been cursed. 


Buy Now$1.99 USD or more

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